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I'm Ocram, I make music and I'm developing an indie game! Every now and then I try to draw and animate, I also want to learn how to make cool looking websites.

I love rats, in fact I'm always being controlled by one, Ratatouille-style.

My favorite game is Dragon Quest VIII, my favorite movie is Kiki's Delivery Service and my favorite drink is matcha latte, I also fucking love reese's.

Hover ONLY for professional contact: Marco RĂ¼diger Ruiz / [email protected]

24 Mar 2024

Making some progress with the prerendered backgrounds, I have done like 20 out of 45 I have on my to-do list (There will probably be way more than 45 but hey, not bad.)

Thinking about that, not only I have to make backgrounds, but animations too... That's going to be a lot of work; Battle animations (Which I don't know how will I make them work since they are prerendered, and putting in there a battle background is going to be hell.) Scene animations, pixelart animations... all this without taking into account all the other things like coding, making the music, the sprites, translation... I'll get this done, sooner or later, it's too late already to give up on this project after the immense amount of hours I spent on it.

07 Mar 2024

I decided to get all the Apfel Project backgrounds and rescale them down by 50% so they actually match the pixelart size, and to be honest, I like how they look now, plus, the file size got decreased by 75%.

Then I remembered that I wanted the overworld sprites to be 3D prerendered sprites and they will probally not look as good at 50% of their original scale. Such a shame, since making 3D animations is waaaaay easier than pixelart animations. Who knows, maybe I'll revamp the graphics for ACT 2 & 3, for now, they'll stay pixelart.

04 Mar 2024

I spent all of yesterday making this low-poly Apfel model, which only has 662 triangles! I will probably use it for the prerendered battle sprites, though at first, I was planning on using it for the overworld sprite. I've been thinking about switching to a 3D prerendered model instead of the pixel art look. I'm still considering it.

29 Feb 2024

I'm planning on revamping how the battles will look so they are actually 3D within GameMaker capabilities. For the demo I will code it all by myself, but after the crowdfunding ends I will look for coding help. So if by any chance you're an experienced 3D GameMaker developer capable of porting the battle system, hit me up.

28 Feb 2024

I've created a new section to track the progress of Apfel Project. Honestly, seeing all those numbers is kind of depressing. I would have thought I'd have more tasks completed by now.

Also, in May I'm attending Animayo, it's an event where a lot of animators gather. It's an opportunity for me to distribute my portfolio to professionals who may consider hiring me. So, yea, I'm working on my portfolio to have something more professional to give them. This might slow development... Unless the animations I create are directly Apfel Project related.

28 Feb 2024

I'm making an HTML5 mockup for the battle system so people can try it easily and get some feedback. Coding this is honestly hard as fuck LOL.

27 Feb 2024

Apfel Project ACT 1 development is progressing quite well. I finish a couple of backgrounds per week, and I'm polishing the new battle system, which I think is very neat. I don't want to make any promises, but I genuinely aim to release ACT 1 this year. Releasing it in 2025 would be, uh, rather unproductive on my part.

There are a lot of projects that I want to start working on, like the Sinesperia webcomic, now that Nekoweb got released. But I gotta finish Apfel Project first!

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